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    When it comes to saving money on home heating and cooling costs, sometimes size does matter. A programmable thermostat, a small piece of your overall comfort system, could be the key to saving 22% or more on your monthly bill.


    How can such a small item perform such a big task? Programmable thermostats allow you to program your comfort system to suit your lifestyle- with the simple touch of a button. Do you work 9 to 5? Are you going out for the day?


    Your thermostat allows you to take control of your homes temperature settings during periods where your home is empty, saving you from unnecessary heating or cooling costs.


    Programmable thermostats can include options that will also allow you to zone your home; effectively dividing it into separate sections, so you can choose which portion of your home is heated or cooled. Diverting your systems airflow from unoccupied rooms allows you to heat or cool the parts of the house you spend the most time in much more efficiently.


    Simple measures can also save you plenty of money. By turning your temperature up a few degrees in the summer (around 78) or down a few in the winter (68 degrees), you can save even more without a loss of comfort.


    Be sure to ask our trained technicians during your next service call how a programmable thermostat could help alleviate some of your home energy costs and start saving today.


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