Shahiq Khwaja
Shahiq K.
21:06 03 Feb 20
Refused to do warranty work. Diagnoses was wrong. Rude Customer Service. Will Contact Local Court to get my money back.
Robert Shaffer
Robert S.
18:21 03 Jan 20
Technician, Marc'ee Lewis arrived on time and was very thorough and explained things to me. He took the time to double check everything and I would definitely recommend him and the company.
Willie Woodham
Willie W.
18:53 27 Dec 19
Technician Scott Maples served our system this morning. This was our very first service appointment and from first impression, everything was excellent. Scott was very professional and thorough in explaining questions we raised about the systems' performance and the things we could do to get maximum benefits from them. Upon his arrival, he called to let us know when he would be arriving. His performance was excellent.
Bobby Taheri
Bobby T.
21:03 05 Dec 19
They installed a new unit in a new house. They have been out over 20 times for the same issues. Incredibly incompetent from top to bottom.
Ferocity Md
Ferocity M.
03:10 01 Dec 19
Airtron serviced my furnace for 8 years so far. I've never gone a winter without heat or a summer without air conditioning. As a new homeowner I'm thrilled to have the continued service and an accessible maintenance plan offered by Airtron.
Kathy Sabol
Kathy S.
23:20 27 Nov 19
Scott Maples responded to our service call. He was on time. He quickly understood and fixed the problem. He was friendly, courteous, and professional. I am very satisfied with the work done.
Kevin Colesworthy
Kevin C.
00:31 21 Nov 19
If this location treats long term customers the way Richard Fulgham in Dallas treated my widowed, elderly mother - RUN! His office ignored safety issues for years which led to her ceiling collapse. Safety checks as listed in the Service Flyer are non existent. To top it off, he ignored calls and emails then cancelled her Agreement rather than assuming any responsibility. His business license should be revoked! Good luck relying on this franchise. One star is too many.
Robert Holland
Robert H.
01:25 15 Nov 19
Jeremey Faschingbauer is technically skilled, well informed, capable of rigorous deduction, and very civil. He solved a tricky furnace function problem and gave us stable, reliable heating for the first time in our new home. We are trusting, devoted Airtron customers now.
Richard Mahoney
Richard M.
16:21 14 Nov 19
Very polite - on time - knew what he was doing. Very pleased with the service.
Fannie Brand Oliver
Fannie Brand O.
23:57 08 Nov 19
Al is such a professional. Courteous and efficient. A “value add” to the AirTron Team.
Richard Hampson
Richard H.
14:39 01 Nov 19
Ali Abyaneh does a great job. Pleasant to work with.Ali checked our furnace again and we are very pleased with his work. He explains well what the status of our equipment is.We appreciate him checking our equipment.
Gail Boyar
Gail B.
18:47 30 Oct 19
This is the second time that Ali Abyaneh has done the service on our unit. I appreciate the way he always explains what he is doing and makes sure to indicate what I need to do should the need arise. He always uses shoe covers, which is much appreciated, and cleans up when he is done and returns the heat back where it was before he leaves. He is great.
Kalyan Chakravarthy
Kalyan C.
16:26 01 Oct 19
One of my HVAC outdoor units was very noisy and tried to show to builder as well as technician. They tried to convince me that this was normal. I tried to record noise from neighbors and mine to show difference. Created one more ticket with Airton, David came and checked every aspect of the AC unit and isolated the issue that the noise is from Compressor. Later David and Rod came and replaced the compressor and explained me the tips to take care of out door unit during winter. I am very satisfied with the quality of service and professionalism by David and Rod.
Positivity Breeds Positivity
Positivity Breeds P.
19:52 23 Sep 19
Seth our HVAC Tech came to our home today and saved our lives. My wife was not there when he showed and he waited for 15 minutes on her to arrive. He is always courteous and solved our issue quickly. Thanks Seth for doing a great job.
guidance grace
guidance G.
02:19 02 Sep 19
I received the technician when he came to fix the cooling system. After he was done, my husband went to pay him. The technician made a rude comment to my husband. He asked him where his wife is from and remarked “you speak better English than she does”! Wow…we didn’t know you guys profile and evaluate customers for their competency in English. I called the Airtron customer service right away and was put on hold for the manager to come on call, guess what the line dropped, I dialed back and the phone wasn’t answered only to get a call back from the lady who was supposed to get the manager on line. While the manager never came on line, we got the lesson to avoid this business.
James Huse
James H.
21:27 14 Jul 19
The service was professionally rendered by your technician (Mr.Scott). He was courteous and helpful as he checked our heating and cooling.
Bryan Blanken
Bryan B.
20:54 24 Jun 19
When things go great it's easy, but when they don't do as planned it's how the company reacts and takes care of it that makes the difference. I had an issue and brought it to the attention of Julia (one of the service managers) she was understanding, empathetic, caring and responsive....even gave me her cell #. Julia sent me their senior tech Mike Jensen. If I had an AC company I would want him working for and representing me. Courteous, caring, professional and thorough. Mike made sure the job was done right. As I send to him when he left, great seeing you, but I hope I don't see you soon. Thanks Julia & Mike.
Warren Y
Warren Y
20:41 19 Jun 19
I had my semi-annual maintenance checkup today. The technician was Scott Maples. He was knowledgeable, efficient and very courteous, answering any and all questions that I had. Thank you Scott for your outstanding service.
Thien Nguyen
Thien N.
21:17 13 Jun 19
Ali Abyaneh is a great technician. He took his time to perform the service and answered all of our questions. He is professional, friendly and honesty. He represents his company well. I will highly recommend Ali and request him for our future services. Thanks so much Ali.
Gene Appler
Gene A.
18:28 12 Jun 19
Seth Young arrived promptly, politely and performed the service evaluation very well and professionally. He explained the whole system, asked to check the filters but I told him they had been replaced in October and didn't need to be checked. He did an outstanding job!I will definitely use Airtron again for all of my heating and air conditioning needs.
John Repetti
John R.
00:20 22 May 19
Scott Maples service Tech was outstanding. I have a service contract with Airtron going on 5 years and Scott has been the only tech that explained to me how my heating & air condition system works He was very informative, polite and made sure that I understood everything about the system and how it worked. He took the time to be sure that I was happy with the service which he provided me. I am requesting that Scott be my tech on all my service calls.
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