Essential Service- Heating Pumps

Essential Heat Pump Procedures

Designed to save you time and headaches, our additional heat pump procedures that cover everything you would expect and more. Below is a detailed listing of the tasks we perform to ensure your cooling system is running at peak performance and leaving you virtually worry-free.

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  1. Additional Heat Pump Procedures
  2. Inspect and test heater elements.
    Auxiliary Heat Strips will be checked.
    Heat strips that are not operating properly can cause a loss of heat or increase electric cost higher than necessary.
  3. Inspect and test reversing valve.
    Reversing Valve checked.
    A reversing valve that is not operating properly can waste energy and cause a loss of heat.
  4. Inspect and test defrost system.
    Defrost Timer checked.
    A defrost timer that is not working properly can cause a loss of heat and can shorten the compressor’s life.

NOTE: Some of these procedures are not applicable to certain homeowners in the southern United States. In these instances, cooling demand
is generally greater resulting in the need for semi-annual cooling tune-ups.

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