Tackle Those Furnace Problems with These Troubleshooting Tips

A cold Frederick winter requires a furnace that works when you need it. However, when furnace problems come along there are troubleshooting steps that can get the system working again before you have to call for repair.

  • Check the power: Check all of the power switches and electrical connections to make sure they’re turned on and working correctly. Also, make sure the circuit breaker for the furnace hasn’t been tripped. Reset the breaker to find out if this turns the furnace back on. Repeated tripping of the breaker could be a serious electrical problem that needs professional attention.
  • Check the thermostat: Make sure the thermostat is turned to a temperature that’s seasonally appropriate and higher than the room temperature. Change the settings a few degrees to see if this kicks the furnace on. If your thermostat is a programmable model, check that it’s set to the “heating” function and that it’s receiving power. Change the batteries if they require it.
  • Check the pilot light: Older furnace systems could have a pilot light that provides ignition for the fuel the furnace uses. The pilot light must be lit and if it’s not, re-light it (or get a professional to help do this). If your furnace has an electronic ignition, check that the unit is working properly.
  • Check fuel supplies: Ensure your fuel-burning furnace is receiving fuel, either from its local utility connection if it is a gas furnace or from the fuel storage tank if it is an oil furnace. Also make sure the utility gas supply is on and there’s fuel in your oil tank. Check valves, fuel lines and any other related parts to ensure fuel is flowing to the furnace.
  • Check air filters: Make sure the air filters are not dirty and interfering with airflow. Put in fresh, clean filters.


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