The Comfort in Your Home is Influenced by More than the Temperature

The Comfort in Your Home is Influenced by More than the Temperature

The Comfort in Your Home is Influenced by More than the Temperature

If you were inquired about the crucial factors that really impact your comfort, temperature would likely be the leading impact. Adjusting the ambient temperature does influence your home comfort, though elements like air quality as well as humidity truly play into to the comfort your home.

Temperature Control

The temperatures found inside your home can be affected by a multitude of variables. The outside weather and outside temperature, windows that allow for heat gain, leaks in the exterior shell causing a loss of heat and even heat from your body can all prove it more difficult to regulate the indoor temperature in consistent terms. A great resource is a programmable thermostat which helps in making the temperature more regular and work as an energy saver too.

Humidity Level

Moisture in your home’s air has a dramatic impression on home comfort. The summer weather can be very warm and muggy. If the HVAC equipment you own isn’t able to properly dehumidify your house, it will speedily become humid and uncomfortable. In winter months when the air is drier, it can be demanding to stay warm and cozy.

Air Quality

There are so many indoor pollutants in homes that can add a challenge to day-to-day life. It can cause serious health problems, trigger allergic reactions and even aggravate asthma and breathing issues. A small list of potential hazards include off gassing (VOCs) volatile organic compounds, pollen, dust, pet dander and chemical cleaners. Deadly carbon monoxide contributers are caused by combustion fumes from your gas furnace or water heater.

Get Optimal Comfort by Balancing Your Contributing Factors

Your home environment can remain comfortable and healthy through keeping the aforementioned factors in line. The equipment must be properly sized for your home. If there are seasonal humidity issues, consider having a humidifier or dehumidifier added to the HVAC system. When you continually maintain the combustion devices in your home professionally, you can ensure good air quality. Adequate ventilation is also important to check as well as making sure you look into whole-house air cleaners which significantly reduces the pollutant levels.

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